The Shadows In Between

by The Shadows in Between

Track listing: This Life is Paralyzing, All These Clowns, You Gotta Go, Asteroid, Come!, Sweet Suffering, I'll Do It Myself, One Beautiful Sunset

The Shadows In Between is a multi-national project including musicians from the U.S., UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The group is the brainchild of NY-based songwriter/producer MIchael Cybulski, who assembled the band, produced the record and had it mastered at Poland's Widek Studio. The group's eponymous debut album was released on October 8, 2023.

good-old fashion in-your-face angst-fueled anthems.

Inspired by an amalgam of genres including alternative, metal, hard rock, punk, hip-hop, and industrial, you can hear bits of each coming through throughout the album. "Asteriod, Come!" hits you with a darker almost Black Sabbath chord progression, distorted RATM vocals, that a trumpet?! "Sweet Suffering"'s riff approximates some Megadeth chunky rhythm & blistering lead guitar work. But with clear 70s and 80s influence, the overall tone of the album embodies late 90s Alternative Rock. Then "One Beautiful Sunset" hits you in the way an early Radiohead album might, if the amps were overdriven as all hell. Cue: violin solo. Yes, violin solo on the song's outro. 

The Shadows In Between is exactly as the group describes: "good-old fashion in-your-face angst-fueled anthems." There's not a wealth of cutting edge material on the record, but it's not purported to be that sort of end product. You've got angsty lyrics, a predominantly mid-rangey Gavin Rossdale rhythm guitar tone, with some really fun moments--shouting "You Gotta Go!" along with that track while I write is pleasantly cathartic.

There's not a lot of available information about The Shadows In Between. Your best bet is to follow them on Bandcamp to keep up with breaking information on potential future music to be released. 

Posted on 6/11/24