The Witnesses EP

by Wedlock

Track listing: Witnesses, Octagonal (A.D.'s Star), +/-, ST (feat. Bryanna Rain), They Never Really Allowed It To Work..., ...

Known for combining disco, digital funk, high energy live instrumentation and outspoken lyrics, newly reformed North Carolina based Electronic indie synth-pop band Wedlock seem to be ahead of their time, with an acclaiming yet delayed reaction from music lovers.

They’ve been around for almost a decade, and following the trend is their 2010, 6 track release, The Witnesses EP that’s peeking its head up into the music scene of 2013, reigniting the worn out environmental activists’ passion for issues such as the British Petroleum oil disasters.

"Octagonal (A.D.’s a Star)" is a rhythmic compilation of groove and funk, treating my eardrums to a delicious three minutes of inquisitive and semi-robotic-yet-whimsical instrumental, and "+/-" (Addition By Subtraction) is a lyrical kick in the ass to anyone of those attention seeking, soul sucking people that drain you of all the things you try to be.

Featuring the entrancing vocals of Bryanna Rain, "ST" (String Theory) has quite a few powerful lyrics that make you think, but for me, "Witnesses" is the kicker. Advocating for the mother planet and the irreversible damage that’s done to the earth, and with the upbeat, eerie seriousness and overall catchy vibe, makes you want to get up and really contribute to something worth saving.

Wedlock has had a succession of contributors, but band founder and singer/song writer Paul Allgood has remained involved, and is currently joined by key player Chris Scendo. As Wedlock changes and explores new elements, it’ll be exciting to see what this undervalued band can come up with next. So, in the fashion of being different, don’t make the mistake of waiting to find out what Wedlock will be doing next, jump on now and relish in their music that makes a difference.

Posted on 3/4/13