Where Do You Want It?

by The Beaumonts

Track listing: I Like Drinkin', I Like Women, Josephine, Lord Help Me, (If You Don't) Love the Lord, The Meaning of Love, I Deserve a Drink, Toby Keith (Is the Ugliest Woman That I've Ever Seen)

Lubbock is known for being the hometown of Buddy Holly. But the capital of the West Texas plains has produced another, more deviant, act: the raunchy, dirty country band known as The Beaumonts. Their sound can be likened to Hank Williams, Jr., but they take Hank's game to a whole other level. Their latest album Where Do You Want It? delightfully captures The Beaumonts' unique brand of honky tonk.

The riffs and rhythms on Where Do You Want It? are catchy and well played. The only thing that may be off-putting to some is the album's lyrical content—definitely not something to share with your grandmother when she hears of this other band outta the Texas panhandle. The band talks about snorting cocaine in "I Like Drinkin'" because, well, frontman Troy Wayne Delco enjoys getting high. In a catchier moment of "Love The Lord," Delco sings that you're “fuckin’ fucked” if you don’t love the Lord.

If you can get past the band's colorful humor, The Beaumonts are a highly entertaining listen. And, if not, you will give their record one spin and try your best to forget about it (though you'll likely be scarred for life).

Songs like “Deserve a Drink” could spin seamlessly on Sirius XM’s Willie’s Roadhouse station, with its pure country riffs and its subtle backbeat. When describing all that the band has been through, they sing that they feel they “deserve a motherfuckin’ drink” after telling the tale of a Honda CRV, toaster oven, and a wife who is no whore, all while waiting for their drinking buddies to come around. Then there's the ode to Toby Keith, calling Keith "the ugliest woman that I swear I ever seen," set against another catchy country tune that captures Delco’s knack for writing memorable country riffs.

Outside of the band's sound they would do well as a comedy act, with their severe, off-color humor. But at any rate, The Beaumonts have written themselves into Lubbock's storied music history: a lone wolf, easily pegged as Lubbock’s best dirty country band. If you've got an open mind and a healthy sense of humor, The Beaumonts will entertain and have you laughing from start to finish, as you wonder exactly what they mean when they ask, "Where Do You Want It?"

Posted on 5/19/14