Yah Can't Go For That (Single)

by Apostle Rosalind Solomon

Track listing: Yah Can't Go For That

Rosalind Solomon is a Gospel solo artist, speaker, writer, and Chief Visionary for the Prophetic Voice of Yahushua Ministry. Her Biblical Studies is a long-term personal passion, as well as formal--she holds a Bachelor's Degree in the subject from Ames International Bible School in Flordia, along with multiple Christian Coaching certificates and diplomas. As part of her personal ministry, Solomon has gone the route of covering the popular 80s song by Hall & Oates, "I Can't Go For That."

Solomon's cover, however, is lyrically repurposed for the benefit of her followers and the spreading of the Gospel itself. The "Yah" in the song's revised title is a reference to Yahushua Jesus, with "Yasushua" being what Wikipedia explains as "a proposed transliteration of יהושוע‎, the original Hebrew name of Jesus."

The song's got its original backbeat and groove, even including the blistering saxophone solo. But Solomon does what any cover artist does with their art: use the popularity of the original song as a conduit for something new. For some artists, it may be interpreting a hard rock song through acoustic guitar and vocals. Or in some cases, "rocking up" a previously non-rock song. Solomon's choice here, however, is actually rewriting the lyrics to channel the message of her ministry.

The video for "Yah Can't Go For That" is where she has some fun, as it features Solomon on keyboards, guitar, and lead vocals. Her smiling demeanor in the video communicates effectively that she's not actually trying to convince you that she's playing each instrument. She's loose, comfortable, pairing her serious message with a good time for the sake of entertainment. And that's part of what it's all about, right? No one minds putting in the work when you can have some fun in the process.

Follow Rosalind Solomon and her ministry through any of the links available on her link.tree at linktr.ee/apostlerosalindsolomon.

Posted on 6/18/24