Year One

by Boy Hero

Track listing: Anteiku Pretender, Remember Hayashi In Choosing Both, You Lose Both not turtley enough for The Turtle Club lifeless, like you

Minneapolis-based Boy Hero is saving the face of Post-Hardcore Emo in 2024. Their latest release, an EP entitled Year One, brings together the energy of the Pop Punk era, and angst of Emo, with some anime imagery and themes, in what's really a beautifully produced record.

"not turtley enough for The Turtle Club" is absolutely sweet as sugar. The clean guitar tones, flawless 3 (or 4?) part vocal harmonies...but then, as Hardcore Emo is wont to do, it starts kicking some fucking ass by midway through the song. Year One's sound is as broad and full-bodied as a live symphony orchestra. But don't get me wrong, this is undeniably a rock album.

Boy Hero EP Release @ The Virgil (L.A.)
Boy Hero EP Release (The Virgil, L.A.)

The official release show went down on June 29 at The Virgil in Los Angeles. And judging by the photos and clips from the evening, it was a raging success.

The band blends sentimental melodic moments, tasteful drum programming, and some intense passion into their music. "Anteiku" kicks off the EP as sort of a prelude for what's about to come. Then "Pretender, Remember" kicks in with a requisite Hardcore uptempo, driving chorus. But as much as the group genuinely rocks out, what I can't escape is the impressively high level of musicality--screaming guitar solos, creative drum fills, tightly executive guitar licks. Boy Hero doesn't execute like any youthful endeavor. There is a maturity and well-thought-out approach to the production and organization of Year One

You can find merch including a striking "blood covered" red/blue vinyl release of Year One, links to socials and streaming platforms at This is a new release that is worthy of your time. Fine job, Boy Hero. You've saved the day!

Posted on 7/3/24