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HER "Tramp Stamp"

Hey there’s a guy following you filming your ass! In “Tramp Stamp,” HER addresses the trials and tribulations of having a tattoo in the small of your back. Lead singer Monique describes the song’s video shoot:

“I had the idea of a tramp stamp lyric video where the lyrics were tattoos. Jake Giles Netter was the photographer. He came down to Broadway Street in Nashville, we met on the corner, he focused his camera on my lower back, hit record, and I started walking.”

“Many people were just watching, screaming, ‘Hey there’s a guy following you filming your a$$,’ One woman, taken back by the filming, actually trips (it’s in the video). We did about three takes and timed the song so it finished just as we arrived at my pink Cabriolet.”

“I found Bon Empire productions and explained my idea. They liked it, took the footage, edited in the tattoos…and bam! It’s a fun video and just makes ya crack a laugh.”

Posted on 4/24/14