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Ben Rue "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife) - Lyric Video"

Ben Rue just may have a hit on his hands. “I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife)” is one of those songs that brides-to-be yearn to hear on the dance floor of their wedding reception. But far from ‘just another love song,’ Ben feels this song is special:

“I feel that this song is a change of pace… Everyone wants to fall in love and, when they do, they want that special someone to know! This song cuts down to the basics when it comes to love, which is how it should be, and it’s stated so clearly in the chorus.”

Ben’s also not merely a one trick pony. He adds, regarding his move from Oregon to Nashville, “I’ve spent two years in this town writing songs, networking and better understanding myself and what I want in my music career. ‘I Can’t Wait’ has helped jump start things for me.”

Posted on 5/2/14