4 am (Single)
"4 am"

Inner Space is the brainchild/alter ego of E. Lee. Both are Electronic music artists, but with some nuance-y differences that warrant the differentiation. Both channel a similar presentational vibe: the music is emotional. There aren't "guitar solos" or specific grooves that musicians are going to overanalyze ad nauseum. Inner Space music is a time, an emotion, a collection of sensations put to sound with the thought that they might relate to others in a common manner.

I hope people dig it or maybe go the other way with it and hate it. I just hope listeners feel SOMETHING.

Case in point, "4 am." I love this Inner Space description of the moment of inspiration:

"This track was a project that was sitting just underneath the surface of my consciousness for weeks. Just a snippet here, a bass line there. I just couldn't get the damn thing out of my head, yet every time I tried to manifest it, it would ... Disappear. One night, I couldn't sleep. Like not at all. I said to hell with it and fired up my computer, pulled up my DAW and...sat there like a freaking idiot for what felt like days. And then little by little the song started to come to me. A tweak here, and tweak there and a whole lot of editing later it was done. After I saved this work I happened to glance at the time and it was 4 a.m."

This is how it goes sometimes, right? Some song may take 10 years to write while others basically fall out of a songwriter's head while they're eating a cold slice of pizza. The process is interesting (at least to me), but the end result is a recording that exists for the rest of time. And while artists don't typically write music just to get a reaction, I think many agree that some sort of reaction is nice. 

Posted on 6/28/24