"10th Ave Freezeout (feat. Bruce Springsteen)"

In February 2012, Boccigalupe and the Bad Boys headlined a fundraiser for the family of Bruce Springsteen’s longtime personal trainer, Tony Strollo, who died earlier in the month.  The Boss joined the band for a six-song set including “Rosalita,” “Soul Man,” “634-5789,” “Detroit Medley,” “Hold On, I’m Coming” and “10th…

"Party Like Your Birthday"

Hadiya is a 6-year-old rapper from Chicago and her song “Party Like Your Birthday” is a soft, kid-friendly response to Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day.” Her most catchy tune, however, may be “Memo.” Visit Hadiya’s Sonicbids EPK to take a listen.


The Lonesome Heroes seem just that, as they play “Steel” with neither stage nor audience, yet playing with heroic fortitude.

"The Parish"

Philip Q. Morrow, along with fellow SoThread artists Dirty River Boys, Eagle Eye Williamson, and Caravan Go, were showcased at The Parish in Austin, Texas in 2011. Video produced by Justin Louis at


From a desert battle scene to the difficult realities back home, Josh Abbott Band’s “Touch” video is a tribute to our military personnel both home and abroad.


Brennen Leigh performs “Distracted” at the renowned Anthology music venue in San Diego, circa 2010.


Matt the Electrician takes on Journey’s “Faithfully” with a little help from Scrappy Jud Newcomb. The crowd at the KC Turner House Concert initially laughs, presumably thinking it’s a joke. But by the song’s end they join in, creating an unexpectedly poignant and enjoyable musical moment.

"You Can't Pretend"

Johnny is joined in the “You Can’t Pretend” video by an all-star cast of family and friends, including Shane Lawlor, Christopher Leigh (from Electric Touch), Suzanna Choffell, Dustin Welch, Benjamin Hotchkiss (from The Real Heroes), Michael Kingcaid (from What Made Milwaukee Famous), Alexandra Valenti, Emily and Meagan Antonetti, Gabi Tuschak, and MoGreen.


Bob tells the tale of, then sings a song about, an old girlfriend (Lorena) in this StageIt performance from March 29, 2012.

"Sloe Gin"

Joshua Black Wilkins creates a stark, simple, sensual visualization of Amanda Shire’s “Sloe Gin.” Amanda is shot close-up, nude, and set against a completely white set with merely a microphone, violin, and bed to aid in conveying her song.

"In These Shoes"

Not long before Momo’s in Austin shuttered its doors, Ginger Leigh raised the roof with her rendition of Kirsty Maccoll’s “In These Shoes.”

"WeirdAss Austin Episode 1"

Frontier Fest 2012 at Frontier Bar in Austin, Texas is three days of mayhem, set in and around an East Austin music venue and featuring a 45-foot-long water slide.

This video was taken earlier in 2012 at the “Drinko de Mayo” event, also held at Frontier Bar. It gives you an idea of what to expect when Whoopsy! and Slacker Magazine come together to promote a music…

"When We Were Made"

After South FM, and after One Love, Paco Estrada is singing his stories simply as himself. This video for “When We Were Made” is set against a wedding dance, lyrically pulling in autobiographical tribulations, along with brief references to The Monkees, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin.

"Intimate and Interactive"

Live performance clips of “Long Road,” “Into the Mystic,” “All I’ve Ever Known,” and interview footage with Toronto’s Natasha Waterman. Video by Ryan Singh Enterprises.

"Fragile Handle With Care"

This video is one from a series shot by Reality Web Video on May 29, 2011 at a tiny club in Tokyo called Jirokichi. Chuck Rainey lets loose around the six-minute mark (if you’re impatient) but the whole tune is an enjoyable groove. Chuck is also currently dealing with some health issues and related financial challenges, and could use your help. Please consider contributing to the


Ter’ell’s musical talents cover most all instruments and vocals ranging from rapping to singing the soulful Rick James half of “Fire and Desire” in his band, Funk Mob. This video, shot around Austin, Texas, follows Ter’ell on his quest to find his “Beloved.”

"Stuck on Fuckin' You"

From the YouTube post of this song: “ give you a little background to the creation of this song. I wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on guitar, Paul on Drum Machine. I wrote, sang it, and freestyled the last minute + a half of the song.”  NOTE: This content may contain material flagged by YouTube’s user…

"Can't Wait To Get You Alone"

XI Media Productions brings you this sweet little ditty by The Dead Left, a band comprised of songsmith Neal Kassanoff, Lauren Gurgiolo of Okkervil River, synth-builder Lindsay Greene, and drummer/visual artist Gray Parsons.

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