Chasca Storms the Beaches of KUTX 98.9FM with "So Long, Crassus"
"So Long, Crassus"

Chasca visited Studio 1A at KUTX 98.9FM in Austin in October of 2015.  "So Long, Crassus" is one of four songs they performed in studio, taking much of the staff by surprise. The station has since had a few things to say about the band:

"There’s no dial to turn down the searing sexiness. ...a distinctive, outrageous blend of rock, glam and cabaret fabulousness that would make Minnelli proud. It’s as if Dr. Frank N. Furter possessed the show, hijacked the mothership, and hightailed it back to transsexual Transylvania with light speed fueled by T Rex, New York Dolls, and a dash of Queen‘s soul fire. ...sultry, sizzling, sweaty high-energy rock, amped even higher with electrifying ensembles a la Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie"

Posted on 1/12/16