Paull Quinn Pens Two Songs for Babyface Media's Short Film "Northern Cowboys"
"Northern Cowboys"

In a small corner of North West England, country music history is about to be made. Two rival bands, The Finger Lickin Five and The Undertakers are set to battle it out to win the prize of the century - a trip to the musical mecca of Nashville. Only more than careers are at stake tonight. The FLF's singer Deano has an ego the size of Texas and a libido to match. His girlfriend and the band's guitarist Jo has no idea that he is about to ruin everything for the sake of a quick fumble with the rival singer's missus. Besotted with Jo, it's down to their portly, mop-headed roadie Billy Bob to bring it back from disaster. Only one thing is sure: This town ain't big enough for two bands. - Written by John Maxwell

Posted on 1/7/16