Reno Singer/Songwriter Moves from Boats to Babes in His New Video "A Bit Wicked"
"A Bit Wicked (Long Legged Goddess)"

Stoney Ford has pulled off some songwriting 'Frankenstein-ing' in his latest song and accompanying video for "A Bit Wicked." With interchangeable choruses and verses, Ford wanted to avoid getting stuck in a single, restrictive genre. "Not wanting to get pigeonholed into any singular genre I made the sound a cross between 60's Secret Agent Brit Pop meets 80's Rockabilly with a dash of 90's Alt. Find that label on Spotify."

Also leaning into perhaps a more attractive subject matter, Stoney left adrift the boats of "Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind" in favor of the women who might be found ashore. The video features a bevy of women walking and dancing, indoors and out. 

As with much of his music, this song is self-produced, performed, recorded, promoted. Aside from the bass guitar and drums, this song is Stoney Ford through and through. Take a look and a listen and visit for all things Stoney Ford.

Posted on 7/8/24