Singer/Songwriter Angel Heart Dedicates "Polka Dot Socks" to Her Uncle, All Fathers and Father Figures
"Polka Dot Socks"

"Polka Dot Socks" is Angel Heart's third single album, following "You" and "Always My Light". Angel Heart decided to tug at her fans' heartstrings with "Polka Dot Socks" and give us an insight into her childhood. This song was written as a tribute to Angel Heart's uncle, the man who raised her and played the role of both mother and father to her after her biological parents abused and abandoned her. Her uncle played a pivotal role in Angel Heart's life and in making her the successful woman she is today. On their first outing together to a cinema, a young Angel Heart and her uncle walked hand-in-hand past a row of shops where he asked her if she wanted anything. It was there Angel Heart noticed a pair of polka dot socks and became fixated on it, wanting nothing else. Her uncle laughed and bought the pair of socks for her, teasing that at least her feet would not get cold in the air-conditioned cinema. Angel Heart cherished the pair of polka dot socks and always wanted to wear it (even to school!) because it always reminded her of her uncle and the special bond they shared. Many years later, when her uncle tragically passed away, Angel Heart always looked back at the special memories and times they shared and vowed she would one day honour the special man who never gave up on her, who showered her with unconditional love, and was the first person in her life who encouraged her to sing her heart out. "You have the voice of an angel," he always encouraged her, "so never stop singing!"

Angel Heart dedicates "Polka Dot Socks" to all the amazing fathers and father-figures who have stood by and protected their daughters and continue to support and love them unconditionally.

Little girl with a pony tail
Smiling from ear to ear
When daddy surprised her
With those polka dot socks

Of all the gifts, those were the ones
That brought her daddy’s memories back
When her colorful world faded
That one autumn day

All I want are my polka dot socks
Nothing more, nothing less
Red, yellow, blue and green
That will make me feel like a Queen
Thank you, daddy, for giving me
Rainbows in my dreams

All I miss are those colorful days
Nothing more, nothing less

Red, yellow, blue and green
Just like those same old happy dreams
How I wish I could hold daddy’s hand
Again and again

Though they won’t fit her anymore
She still wanted to put them on
She always found them again
For they’re bound to her heart

Memories once enchanted
Became memories ripped away
And she would never forget
The day he went away

Lyrics: Angel Heart, Tan Boon Huat
Tan Boon Huat
Tan Boon Huat
Music Arrangement:
Ryan Soon Chern Tang & Gnana Selvan@Sunway University
Ryan Soon Chern Tang
String arrangement:
Sammy Yong Huey Yee
Backing Vocal:
Nicole Cheah
Recording Engineer:
Winnie@Qactus Studio
Mixing & Mastering:
Gnana Selvan@Sunway University
MV Team:
Illimite Creative Production
Directed & Produced by:
Ng Tiong Han
Executive Producer:
Alex Loh
Assistant Camera:
Angel Ong
Production Designer:
Ng Xin Yun
Production Support:
Jia Qi
Makeup & Hair:
Joe Joo Fong
Angel Heart

Posted on 6/12/24