Sunset Kings "Metronomin'"

The Sunset Kings filmed most of their latest video "Metronomin'" in a burned down club in McAllen, Texas, next to the historic Cine El Rey theater. What you don't get to see is that they cleaned the place for weeks, sweeping and spray-washing it, to get it ready for the shoot. The hard work paid off, resulting in a smooth, ultra-pro vibe for the video.


  • "Metronomin'" written by Star, Neumi, R.D. Salomon, & Brandon James Campilango
  • Starring: Kate Astom, Gabby Quiroz, Aide Torres, Akhi Begum
  • Directed by Star, Neumi, Akhi Begum, & Gian Franco
  • Shot by Akhi Begum (@akhi_aqui) & Gian Franco
  • Choreography by Kate Astom, Gabby Quiroz, & Aide Torres
  • Talent Coordinator: RGV Arise (@rgv_arise)
  • Post-Production: 2SadScorpios (@2sadscorpios)

Posted on 4/5/21