Suswal Releases Video for "Safekeeping," a Veritable Anthem of Love and Independence
Suswal "The Vergara Inception"

New York based singer/songwriter Suswal released his 7-track EP The Vergara Inception in 2021 (reviewed by HitOnIndie on 4/17/22) and by 2022 posted this stark, personal video for "Safekeeping" off the same album. While the other 6 songs feature a full-band, both this video and the album version of "Safekeeping" are solo acoustic performances.

This performance is intimate--set in his softly lit home workspace, utilizing multiple camera angles. Professional enough to come across as a pro demonstrating his craft, yet revealing to the viewer moments that are likely commonplace for Suswal: a late night, honing of his craft within the safe confines of his own Fortress of Solitude.

Break free from the past
Now we have ourselves a blast
Keep that joy
Don't screw it up
Jump the line and
Raise your cup
Take my heart
For safekeeping

Jamsphere describes Suswal as having "a sustained, rich and sinewy vocal cadence." And it's a steady rhythmic cadence that drives "Safekeeping," alternating from verse to riff and back. 

His vocal delivery has almost a Neil Diamond plaintive quality to it, instructing throughout "Safekeeping" how one should navigate their course toward independence and love. 

You can stream the entirety of The Vergara Inception on Spotify,   and find several Suswal videos on his @suswalmusic YouTube Channel

Posted on 3/30/23