Take a Lucid Trip with Ren Liu to Her "Sweet Dreamland"
"Sweet Dreamland"

"Sweet Dreamland" is a single from Ren Liu's EP Prayer For A Stranger. The video is an ethereal concept that lands somewhere between Stranger Things and the Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come--with a plot that twists, turns, and builds into the outer realms of Ren's imagination.

Spoiler alert: note the playground dragon midway through...you just may see it again before the end of the video.

Ren Liu's Prayer For A Stranger EP is out now on all music streaming platforms! Find it at:

Update: Ren still believes in "Dreamland" despite the upsurge in violence and racism toward the AAPI community across the United States. She is optimistic about positive progress throughout 2021 and beyond.

"At the beginning of this year, everybody felt a wave of refreshing energy. I feel like the heavier turmoil, the challenging years, are necessary because we need a cleanse and reset."

Posted on 3/25/21