Teku Syndrom Releases Lyric Video for "Help Me Grow," a Powerful Song Dealing with a Daughter's Gender Transition
"Help Me Grow"

"Help Me Grow" is Teku Syndrom’s first self-produced demo. From the band's promotional materials, the song "is an uplifting and inspirational song written for the guitarist’s daughter as she blossomed through her gender transition life awakening adventure. The lyrics are her dad trying to put her feelings into words as the family embraced her new beginning. With its heartfelt and meaningful lyrics, 'Help Me Grow' will definitely touch people’s hearts. Anyone that is going through a life changing experience or facing a challenge will find relief listening to Help Me Grow."

Since the song's release, it has reached a few milestons:

  • 5/25/22- “Help Me Grow” released on digital music platforms.
  • 5/25/22 - “Help Me Grow” lyrics video released on YouTube
  • 5/27/22 - “Help Me Grow” released on commercial radios
  • 7/18/22- “Help Me Grow” ranked #3 on “20 Jul week” , Valley FM 89.5 Sweet Sunday Sound, Canberra Australia.
  • 10/30/22 - “Help Me Grow” ranked #43 on Hypeddit Top Downloads Rock
  • 11/2/22 - “Help Me Grow” ranked #4 on Hypeddit Top Downloads Rock Chart
  • 11/7/22 - “Help Me Grow” on 16 Spotify playlists

Posted on 11/29/22