The Beginning

Coyote Music was founded by Wiley Koepp in Austin, Texas in 1995 as a management company and booking agent for two unsigned bands, 3 Penny Opera and megalo. Over the next five years, the company took on the roll of an indie record label, releasing several demos and full-length albums, promoting shows, creating marketing campaigns, and accepting demos from new artists for future projects.

This Millennium

Since 2000, Coyote Music has shifted its focus toward promoting the careers of talented musical artists all across the country. Our projects have included: writing album/performance reviews, event promotion, artist management, musical instruction, running workshops to help bands hone their live shows, and most recently creating websites for artists.


In 2012 we began two exciting new endeavors. With the addition of a Festivals section to the website, Coyote Music has the ability to promote multi-day, multi-city events. Our Viva Big Bend section brought together 52 artists, 28 shows, 10 venues, and 3 cities in one easily navigable mini-site within our own.


Branching out a bit more, we worked with Baltimore's Black Angel Down to create a detailed marketing plan for their tour and related promotional efforts. That plan ultimately led to our solidifying a booking agreement between the band and the Brooklyn-based booking agency, Entour Entertainment.

Brand Spankin' New

Never ones to rest on our laurels, here are the most recent additions to Coyote Music's website.

# Name Type Added
1. Koepp’d Quiet Artist 5/20
2. La Murga de Austin Artist 5/30
3. St. Stephens Soccer Field Venue 5/30
4. Trinity Hall Venue 5/16
5. Big Ounce Artist 11/6
6. Big Ounce "O.U.N.C.E." Video 11/5
7. Vinyl Floor Artist 10/16
8. Danish alternative rock band Vinyl Floor releases 4th album entitled ‘Apogee’ Press Release 10/16
9. Typhoon Texas Austin Venue 6/12
10. Typhoon Texas Houston Venue 6/12