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Summer 2012 issue

Coyote Music is currently accepting submissions. We'd love to promote you and your music by doing what we do: write album & live show reviews, interviews, and articles, include your shows in our listings, promote your video, and spread the good news of your music via our social media.

How Does It Work?

When we receive your submission, we will create an Artist page for you right away (details below). Then, depending on the services you choose, we'll get your music reviewed, shows posted, video embedded, interview conducted, etc. within just a few days. Finally, we'll spread the word via our website, Facebook, Reverbnation, and Twitter (and MySpace, too, if we can remember the password and you think it's worth the time).

What's In It For The Artist?

Coyote Music offers extremely affordable, personal, grassroots promotion. For tens of dollars (not hundreds or thousands), your music, name, video, etc. will be exposed to a new audience. On our website, you will find yourself in a number of places:

Home - on the Home page until we add 25 more posts, which tends to be at least 2-3 weeks (our Home page)

Artist Page - your own Artist page, which includes a photo, bio, links to all your websites/social media, your own twitter feed, and any other work we've done for you (list your Shows, post a Video, write a Review, include you in a News/Interview/Article posting; see Unkle Bob)

Artist Listings - we list bands when they join the site (Artist listing)

Upcoming Shows - if you choose to have us list your shows, they appear on the the Upcoming Shows list, as well as in the "Coming Next" area on the right hand side of every page as your show dates approach (Upcoming Shows)

Show Page - individual Show pages, so you can Tweet, Like, or Share them (see 3/12/14 Saustex Presents... at the White Horse)

Venue Page - if we list your shows, they appear on the Venue's page (see Hanovers Draught Haus)

Artist Tweets - we post the feed of our "Artists" Twitter List (Artist Tweets)

Twitter Mentions - randomly, or if you ping us, we RT or mention you when something special is coming up (CD Release, benefit show, etc.)

Facebook Shares - randomly, or if you ping us, we Share posts of yours (we won't do 'em all, just the big shows/events like a Kickstarter campaign, benefit, CD Release, etc.)

Top 10 - we keep a monthly Top 10 of our most-visited pages so you and your fans can see how high you're climbing our charts (Top 10)

Where Do I Sign-up?

To submit your music, just choose a one of the items below and click Add To Cart. We'll contact you upon receipt to cover all the details. Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing your music and working with you!

Eh, This Is All Too Involved For Me

If quicker, easier, and cheaper is your game, we also do single-song reviews and feedback through Fluence. It can be public, in which case we'd post it to our social media. Or, if you'd prefer candid feedback that would have less of a filter on it we can keep things just between us. This typically runs $3-6 dollars per song, depending on its length. More details on Fluence's website:

Artist Page: $20

Get started here. An Artist Page includes your photo, bio, links to your websites, and links to any Coyote Music Reviews, Shows, Press Releases, Videos, or News posts of yours (see example).

Your Website or Email Address:

Promotional Services: $20 (each)

Choose one or more of the following ways we can help you promote your music. We also post everything we do to our website, then on our social media sites, as well: Facebook, Reverbnation, and Twitter.

Your Email Address:

Which services interest you?