Benjamin Briones Ballet Shines in the Haunting, Contemporary "Tribulación"
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Set to Apeiron String Quartet's "El Ansia," Benjamin Briones Ballet presents "Tribulación." 

"Confined and anxiously wanting to leave, yet longing to safely stay put and save oneself. Unlimited imagination and discover of the immensity of the mind."

Choreography: Beatriz Madrid
Lan Hankinson, Olivia Gintel-Rudkevich, Gabrielle Corrigan, Giorgia Picano, Felicia Isotti, Claire Pennington
Felipe Peréz Santiago
Film & Edit: 
Jacob Hiss
Special Thanks To: Artspace, Gail Kroog Sullivan & Brooklyn Dance Center

© Benjamin Briones Ballet, 2021

Posted on 7/13/23