Gagulam Entrances and Bounces with Their Latest, "Amphora"

Gagulam is a bit of a mystery. The artist exists only as a YouTube profile, bereft of a bio, any sort of description, names, hometowns, or even a home country anywhere around the globe. Yet their videos posted over the past year have garnered 100,000 views, so Gagulam is doing something right.

Their latest entitled "Amphora" is a bit of a World Music exploration of sound and rhythm. Instrumentation seems to criss-cross Middle Eastern sounds with the Far East at times. The pulsing beat propels you into a club, or at the very least an unmarked speakeasy in a back alley where the lighting is dim and the drinks are superb.

Production is flawless, ready for a larger audience now. Take a listen, watch the accompanying entrancing video, and Follow Gagulam on YouTube.

Posted on 5/27/23