Indecent Proposal Shoots "Behind Her Eyes" at Band Members' High School
"Behind Her Eyes"

Indecent Proposal shot this music video at the historic Denfeld High School Auditorium located in Duluth, MN. This school has a lot of history for some of us and that is why it was so important to us to get into this space and show it the love that it deserves. The beautiful architecture was so haunting that when accompanied by the lighting provided by Sound Central Services it set the most romantic stage that we could have possibly imagined to properly represent the romantic tragedy that is "Behind Her Eyes."

Video Production Credits

Overall Production: Terry Beckman w/Indecent Proposal
Song Credits:
Indecent Proposal
Music Video Director:
Manny Villanueva with @NewVillagePictures
Lighting Production:
Sound Central Services @soundcentralservices9833
Promo Photography:
Erin Wakefield W/True North Photography
Promo Graphics and Song Art:
Matthew Nardecchia
Aubree Lee @aubreeleenutrition548
Location Credits:
Denfeld High School Auditorium in Duluth, MN
Roadie Crew:
Tanner Mclaughlin, JP Rennquist, Scott Lillo & JP, Mahlin Brown, Taylor Gross, Matt Nardechia, and Denfeld student John Sherrington.

Posted on 12/6/23