Marcus "M-Positive" Parker Releases Full Visual Album of "Grown Folk Business" as a Final Music Project
"Grown Folk Business 'Visual Album'"

Track Listing: Intro, Grown Folk Business, Thank You, Fix This Mess, Happy Father's Day, Healing, Happy, Life Story, Outro
Release Date: May 21, 2023
Run Time:

Going out on top. Few in life get to make that choice. But that's the story of motivational speaker-turned-musician Marcus "M-Positive" Parker. Having spoken at schools since 2004 to promote his book "The Product," he found that rapping won over hearts and minds better than just talk. In the wake of that pivot he wrote and recorded more than 70 singles and authored 4 more books. With the passing of time, the students he'd talked to and rapped for are now well into adulthood. But the need for real-life lessons doesn't go away, so Parker recently released a full album Grown Folk Business

"I made this album to give that same positive message but about more adult issues since all those teens are now grown." And with the release of Grown Folk Business, Parker announced that this will be his final music project. He's taking his experience and expertise and heading in the direction of psychotherapy. So congratulations, Marcus! You've done many good things for many people, young and old.

Accompanying the release of his album is this "visual album," a collection of in-studio videos capturing the recording process for Grown Folk Business. Enjoy! And share the video with others. For those preferring audio over video, the album is available at:

Posted on 7/11/23