Scotty Austin Steps Into the Spotlight Eponymously with "Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back)"
"Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back)"

War is hell. What you see in this video was filmed by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line as they battle the Russian military and mercenaries who invaded and have been occupying their country since February of 2022. When evil's inflicted the damage is done - remain ever vigilant - Lucifer's come!

Scotty Austin knows the world's going to blazes and shares that message with "Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back)". It's a devilishly heavy banger collaboration with award-winning producer Malcolm Springer you don't have to sell your soul to get down with this infernally diabolically delicious future hard rock classic. So let Scotty take you for a nightmare ride on the highway!

Lucifer's Rain (The Bad One Is Back) is the second installment of the re-imagining of the Lucifer's Rain single by Stevie B released earlier this year.

Scotty Austin
Malcolm Springer
Scotty Austin and Stevie B
Video producer:
Antonio Carlos Silva Filho
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INgrooves/Universal Music Group
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July 10, 2023
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July 10, 2023
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Posted on 7/19/23