Stupid Drama's Dual Threat "Distance/Down in Flames" Scorches 512 Studios
"Distance/Down in Flames"

Extended intros and multi-part songs have a storied legacy. Van Halen's "Little Guitars" separated it out into "(Intro)" and the actual song itself. "Fooling Yourself" kept it all within the same title, but Styx's Tommy Shaw and Dennis DeYoung played the guitar/synth intro and outro as pieces that were related to, but not actually part of the song's core structure. 

Taken from their 512 Studios Livestream, "Distance" starts with bassist Tom Coyne who is later joined by guitarist Nathan Olivarez. The "Distance" 'intro' explores the bass and guitar for just over 3 minutes. It's at that point that drummer David Swanson joins in to attack the more driving "Down in Flames."

Filmed by Rich Baur and recorded and mixed by Omar Vallejo.

Posted on 3/18/21