TaniA Kyllikki's Releases Lyric Video for "In These Eyes" in Anticipation of the 2024 LP "Free-Spirited"
"In These Eyes"


● Released under - Awe Inspiring Records.
● Lyrics, Melody, lead + backing vocals - TaniA Kyllikki.
● Music Produced + ft Rap by - Rynellton aka Garry D. Hairston.
● Music files prepared by - John Woodard.
● Mixed + mastered with some added music effects by - Phil dust.
● Lyric Video: TaniA Kyllikki.

The "In these eyes" single as a whole is a song that demonstrates not only the exciting sexy fun side of falling in love, but also TaniA's fortitude as a very passionate woman who has not allowed adversity to destroy her "Free-Spirited" nature. This song demonstrates her artistry as a multi-genre singer-songwriter and is also the lead single from her forthcoming album "Free-Spirited," scheduled for release in 2024.

A beautiful tale of long-distance affection between two individuals. The lyrics tell the story of how the man was initially drawn to her captivating green-blue eyes and the depths of her soul, both of which he claims drew him in and shook him from the first hello, so much so that he ultimately commits to her.

Posted on 9/30/23