Bananafish Zero

Genre: Rock
Hometown: New York, NY

BANANA FISH ZERO played their last show on Thursday, March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, 2005 at Continental in New York City. After their dissolution, JOHN LAW played with THE X'S. PRINCE HAL played with THE RABBITS. JOHN and HAL have since reunited in the group STATUES OF LIBERTY. TEXAS now plays with DEEK JENKINS. This is the biography that appeared on this site when the band was last together:

BANANA FISH ZERO, the power trio from New York City, are celebrating life with their good time crunchy punk rock. BFZ are raucous, rambunctious and they don’t behave. It's big fuzzy entertainment that is all-inclusive fun.

Formed by John Law, the band started out as a psychedelic punk outfit. Quickly, the music became more succinct, committing itself to the glory of simplicity. Today, the band churns out riff after riff filled in with fat beats and thick bass, compliments of Texas on skins and Prince Hal on big strings.

BFZ are a musical combat unit - touring constantly up and down the east coast - attacking the Midwest and invading the west at a moments notice. Light on their feet there is nowhere they won't go. They are the modern day DIY punks celebrating the 80's hardcore ethic. No one can stop them. They sing songs about things they are not supposed to. They tell the truth - sometimes with a rhythmic croon, other times a primal scream.

Posted on 1/15/04