Genre: Rock
Hometown: Terrebonne, Quebec

Cycle/End is heavy rock/alternative group from just outside Montreal, Quebec. The band's founder, Jeremie, moved into the city to pursue his musical and artistic vision. There he worked as a stage tech, joined a few bands and recorded several albums as both a bassist and sound engineer. 

But being a part of someone else's dream doesn't always satisfy one's personal artistic muse. Enter Cycle/End: Jeremie's own project that taps into his influences, ranging from post-hardcore to ambient indie and even folk & blues. Heavier influences include Mastodon, Strung, Out, and Half Moon Run. 

In Cycle/End Jeremie stretches his musical legs, adding guitar and vocals to his arsenal of musical outlets. But taking the group to a whole new level is the collaboration with versatile artist/comedian/impersonator and singer/songwriter Rébecca Bucci. Vocally, the duo brings a compelling intensity to their sound particularly through non-traditional harmonies in bridges and in builds into choruses. Check out "Eyes Closed" to hear for yourself what the two can do. 

Cycle/End dropped two singles in Spring and Summer of 2023. Along with a couple tracks yet to be released, you can expect a 4-track EP from Cycle/End to be released plans for a 4-track EP set for release in the fall of 2024. Keep up with Cycle/End at and through Spotify.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 1/3/24