Extra Time

Genre: Jazz, Rock
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

So it has been four years since our last album. We have been winnowing down the stories that we would like to tell and twelve new tunes made the cut. Taking badly recorded demos and some wildly inaccurate charts to Damien Gerard Studio in Gosford, Australia we spent four days recording and knocking together arrangements into some kind of shape. Many of the musicians who played on the first record kindly agreed to go around again and try and make sense of what we had. We had a few base principles. No samples, no Click, no Grid and no Autotune. Everything on the album was performed live by a musician. Our drummer was our click track. The whole album was recorded to 2” tape and then digitized into Pro Tools. The whole process was a lot of fun and hopefully that comes across in the music and the performance and in the behind the scenes videos that we will be releasing.

We were looking for a high fi, harmonically interesting sound that would live up to all of the great records made by our heroes. Its up to you to decide whether we succeeded.

The album releases on streaming services on the 22nd of January. If you are interested in a vinyl copy let us know. If we get enough interest we will print a run of 200 gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP’s for all of us who still love our turntables.

Posted on 3/6/24