Holly Lowe

Genre: Pop
Hometown: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Born and raised in London, now living in Mallorca, Spain, HOLLY LOWE has established herself as a professional singer and pianist. At the tender age of 17 she was discovered and signed her first recording contract with Mercury Records. Ever since, she has made a living performing all across Europe and surrounding countries.

Are we not pulled, pushed, repelled and attracted by things? [I have an] obsession with physics and maths getting dressed up as love songs; or love songs getting dressed up as songs about physics...

In addition to recording and performing her original music, Lowe has found a great deal of success as a commercial session musician with Candle Music. The demand for her voice and piano has taken her all over the U.K. and as far away as a gala dinners and weddings in Oman and South Africa! Having settled down in Mallorca she continues to perform solo, as well as with her party band Con Gas.

But for Holly, her true joy comes from writing and performing songs from her heart--original compositions that delve into topics ranging from her daughter to the push and pull of physical attraction (literally, physics). Her latest foray into her own music is the release of her full length album, The Physics of Us. The record spotlights Lowe's impressive display of stylistic range, vocal nuance, and piano playing honed through years of professional performance in all manner of settings in front of all manner of audiences.

Holly at Green Note (London)
Holly at Green Note (London)

Lowe brings to The Physics of Us bits of her influences including McCartney, Nyro, Radiohead, and Buckley. There are unmistakable nods to the works of Kate Bush and a harkening to arrangements not unlike that of Tori Amos, though Lowe brings a consistently positive and intellectual mood to her music rather than such a deep self-introspection. But really, how many artists outside the realm of prog rock explore with their music what Lowe describes as "the idea of us being bound by the laws of physics as much as anything that exists in the universe."

Diving into Holly Lowe's lyrics reveals a great deal about her inspiration and intellect--a veritable amalgam of love and science intertwined seamlessly, all set against a backdrop of smartly written piano-driven Pop. With The Physics of Us out now and working its way to new fans across the globe, Lowe is poised to take the next step with her original songs. You can (and should) listen to the album at hollylowemusic.bandcamp.com and contact Holly for booking inquiries.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 2/3/24