Kept Quiet

Genre: Cover Band, Pop, Punk, Rock
Hometown: Round Rock, TX

If you quarantine a rhythm section they’ll invariably start playing guitar and singing.

Brittany and Wiley Koepp have performed together for the past 10 years. Brittany is a multi-instrumentalist: bass guitar, keyboards, most all brass instruments, and has sung harmony/background vocals in every band she's been in. Wiley is a drummer who's enjoyed singing harmony vocals (un-mic'd) for decades from behind the drum kit. The couple considered creating a musical project together for years, but their commitments to various bands always took priority. The spread of coronavirus and the resulting in-home quarantine created enough time to finally sit down and play music as a duo--this time with Wiley on guitar & backup vocals and Brittany handling bass guitar and lead vocal duties.

As weeks turned to months, the duo dubbed themselves Kept Quiet and began posting videos recorded in their home music room. Soon their setlist grew to several dozen songs and they had the opportunity to help the beloved Georgetown Palace Theatre by performing before the Palace's outdoor movie series during the summer and fall of 2020. Now Kept Quiet continues to grow and improve their repertoire, planning to come to a socially distanced stage near you soon!

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Photo by Allison Carson

Posted on 5/20/20