LEL Brothas

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock
Hometown: Prescott Valley, AZ

The LEL Brothas is comprised of two musical geniuses DJ Clone and LBC. Growing up in San Diego running the streets with Hip Hop “Crews” was an everyday occurrence for DJ Clone. He soon gained a reputation as a highly sought after DJ, Lyricist and Dancer. Performing at the hottest nightclubs and venues in California gaining international recognition.

LBC, originally from Long Beach California, was forced to face, at a young age, the hard reality of growing up on the “street.” LBC used that anger and pain to fuel his desire to “rise to greatness” and fulfill his destiny as not only a rapper but also an “entertainer.” LBC is revered, by many, as a “lyrical disease;” consuming everything in his path.

In 2007 DJ Clone and LBC joined forces to become a formidable force in the music industry.

Photo by Gustavo Tamai

Posted on 12/31/12