Louie Grit

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Aurora, CO

Louie Grit writes and rhymes with an edge and an attitude shaped by his own life's experiences. He raps stories that bluntly and blatantly describe the world around us. Raised in Denver, Colorado Louie drew musical inspiration from Hip-Hop pioneers—from Run DMC and the Fat Boys to the true O.G.'s: Public Enemy, N.W.A., Easy-E, and Ice Cube.

Louie has never been confined to the studio. After moving to Aurora, he carved out his own performing career at venues including Wyatt Torch, Iliff Park Saloon, Cervantes, Club Deep, Club Flamingo, and Buschwackers.

I want to bring back the wisdom and knowledge I heard in the music that molded me.
- Louie Grit

Louie's songs blend his rhymes with melodic tracks often featuring R&B backing vocals. His music tells raw tales of real-life family struggles, substance abuse and addiction, and every day challenges faced by every day people.

"Murda Intro"

Posted on 2/19/13