Marc Gunn

Genre: Folk
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Marc Gunn is an award-winning acoustic folk musician rooted in the American Celtic song tradition—Celtic music, the Traditional and the Twisted. His musical instrument of choice, the autoharp, continues to surprise musical veterans and fans a like for it’s unique sound and spirited energy.

[he] has the ability to generate many moods, both with his lyrics and the music. From thought provoking to jubilant (Sixty Seven Music)

Donned “The Celtfather” by Celtic music fans, Gunn is a champion of indie Celtic music. He has given away over ten million MP3s through his music and podcasts since he began his Celtic music career in 1999. His Irish & Celtic Music Podcast has won two awards for “Best Podsafe Music” in the annual Podcast Awards and is one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes.

Marc is a tireless supporter of Festival music, Celtic music and a wide array of musicians... You sir, are the Chuck Norris of Renaissance Festival Musicians (Modern Bard)

Good food, good drink and good company. Folk ballads, Irish drinking songs, fantasy, Sci Fi, and cats on the autoharp. Let Marc Gunn fill you with fun, happiness, and beauty while connecting you to your Celtic heritage through songs, sing-alongs, stories, lyrics, and podcasts. Embrace independent Celtic music!

Posted on 2/16/11