Stephen Jacques

Genre: Folk, Rock
Hometown: Richmond, VA

A true artist and songwriter world-renowned for his prolific, heartfelt alt-rock love songs, Stephen has released ten albums to date, with his eleventh on the way. He is produced by Steve Albini. His body of work was culled from a lifetime of experiences, including those as an engineer, a Hollywood actor, a custom builder, and a TV host. Though Stephen lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, his family hails from New Orleans and New York. His Italian grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist during the roaring 20s and an aunt on the French side of his family was a fabulous blues singer. 

His music was influenced by great rock and punk bands heard throughout the mid-Atlantic in his 20s and 30s, as well as by a good friend — a Beatles fan — who introduced him to his first chords on an acoustic guitar at age 16. Stephen currently writes all of his music and performs in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area. Over 300 radio stations and podcasts spin “Send Them Love” — cited by DJs as a “little masterpiece” — and his other nine albums to date. “Groove Atlantic-O” will be with you in summer 2023.

Photo by Darin Back Photography

Posted on 8/2/23