Stevie Nics

Genre: Soul/R&B
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Stevie Nics brings the "rhythm" back to R&B, using his engineering skills to craft smooth odes to love and sensuality. The 23-year-old singer out of Phoenix, Arizona writes, produces, and performs his songs. At the same time, Stevie flashes a bit of a Russell Simmons / music mogul vibe, creating his own clothing line, CLSSY NRDS. Stevie's sound is ethereal, breathing slow grooves over slow backbeats to tell his stories of love, promise, lust, and the search for that someone special. Stevie describes his songwriting as "bringing meaning back to R&B," a genre whose true sensual artform seems lost in recent years in favor of shock-value lyricists. Judge for yourself whether Stevie hits his mark of creating a true-to-form R&B songwriting.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 6/17/14