The Damn Times

Genre: Punk, Rock
Hometown: Austin, TX

The Damn Times smell of the essence of Austin's punk rock scene, emitting a sound that is as tight as it is raw. With anthems like "Don't Like People" fueling their live shows, the band attacks every note with intensity, grit, and spit. Formed in 2000, The Damn Times have played about every venue in Austin and have made a few treks up and down the West Coast.

Their punk prowess bleeds into other acts, as well. Drummer Coby Cardosa can be seen on organ with The Crack Pipes. Bassist Jeff Linton spent some time lending his low-end to both Sons of Hercules and The Stepbrothers. Chad Nichols when not ripping leads, fronts The Transgressors and plays acoustic guitar with T Tex Edwards and the Texwardians. Ryan Anderson also plays bass and continues to record bands in his studio, Active Sound Recording.

The band's uber-long-awaited EP, produced by garage punk producer extraordinaire Mike Mariconda, has collected dust since 2000. But a shelved project has not held the band back, as they've earned opening spots for Flesh Tones, Deadbolt, Gaza Strippers and many others along the way.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 7/17/14