The DML Conspiracy

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Houston, TX

The DML Conspiracy is a kickass true-grit rock 'n' roll project based in Houston, Texas. The brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Dodd Michael Lede, partnering with vocalist Shawna Cole, has seen several iterations over the years landing in 2023 as a member-lean, 2-person group who enlist the talents of a cadre of professional musicians to bring Lede's song to life in the studio.

The music is honest and soul-baring, delving into difficult true-to-life biographical stories that tell tales of reality crashing down around the songs' protagonists. Undoubtedly Rock, The DML Conspiracy weaves a wide variety of influences across their discography--a 70s Styx-like keyboard here, a Southern rock guitar lead there, mid-90s alt rock morphed with driving hard rock. The band's sound varies just enough to keep things interesting but carries an unmistakable sonic identity across their entire catalog.

Lede and Cole are no-nonsense career musicians who've worked together in multiple musical endeavors the better part of the past two decades. The dedication, determination and passion come through loud 'n' clear in The DML Conspiracy. The duo operate smartly, having successfully traversed the slings and arrows of the music industry for years. No effort is wasted, no energy spent in vain. Most recently the band has been cranking out music at a fevered pitch, releasing a new single monthly--an approach that is paying off with well over a million streams and views across all major platforms. 

When the time is right (and you can be damned sure Lede and Cole will know precisely when that moment is) The DML Conspiracy will once again round out the lineup with a full band and hit the road. That live show will be must-see. While the band is taking a primarily online approach to promoting their music at the moment, there is an unmistakable and furious fire burning to get these songs out in front of audiences and feel the visceral rewards of performing onstage in front of their constantly growing fanbase.

Soak in The DML Conspiracy's entire discography on the Spotify Playlist The DML Conspiracy: The Complete Collection and follow all things involving The DML Conspiracy at

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 7/17/23