The McKenzie FIX

Genre: Electronic, Pop
Hometown: London, UK

The McKenzie FIX are a London based Alt-pop-rock band, led by musician-songwriter Ewan McKenzie. 

McKenzie has an eclectic collection of songs and releases behind his back. His music is kaleidoscopic and diverse - he is continuously finding new ways to express himself through a broad sonic palette. 

His musical journey began in the late 1990s, with early demos championed by A&R mogul Peter Whitehead (Radiohead, Muse), appearing on industry unsigned compilations with the likes of Stereophonics, attracting Interest from major record label Arista. 

Prior to The McKenzie FIX, Ewan was lead singer with the Edinburgh band Emporium, gaining traction with BBC introducing / BBC Radio Scotland, with reviews in national press. They were also awarded a grant from the Scottish Arts Council for their album 'Silver Brainwaves'. 

The debut album from The McKenzie FIX - 'Pandora's Box' was released in November 2020 to critical acclaim. It includes the singles 'Alone', 'The Shining', 'Martin & The Artist' and 'Don't Feed On Me'. 

Most recently, Ewan McKenzie has been song-writing with lyricist-musician Kay Russell, best known for the UK top 30 single 'Twilight Cafe' with the late Susan Fassbender. Kay also provides additional backing vocals on recent recordings. 

Second album 'MEDIA HACK' is released on April 5th 2024 on Platform Records and includes the singles 'Elsewhere', 'Time Tunnel', 'The Beginning Of The End' and 'A Man, A Car and A Gun'. 

Posted on 4/16/24