Genre: Folk, Pop
Hometown: Columbus, OH

Guitarist Jeff Tobin and bassist Geoff Wilcox comprise a delightful acoustic duo out of Columbus, Ohio. Their articulate, witty lyrics flow humorously over upbeat, folk-infused songwriting. Genre-wise, Tobin-Wilcox approximates a two-headed Jonathan Coulton, without such a focus on technology. With songs like "My Job Sucks (But Others Suck More)," Tobin-Wilcox sing songs that we can all relate to, without crossing the line of being ridiculous for ridiculousness' sake. Think, Randy Newman minus the Pixar, Monty Python stuffed into Simon and Garfunkel, and They Might Be Giants set against a coffeehouse stage. Tobin-Wilcox will venture into the studio later in 2013, in hopes of capturing their delights on an EP to be released in late '13 or early '14.

Posted on 7/5/13