Simi Shonowo

Hometown: Austin, TX

from the Uche Photography website:

I have always loved photography. My love of photography started with my work in art as a child. One of my earliest memories of artistic satisfaction was when I completed my hand drawing of a Peter rabbit scene for art class at about age six. It was so satisfying to look at my drawing and it looked like the one I was copying. I had finished it! My love of photography resulted from the fact that it was just much easier to capture the images I see.

My photographic adventures started with a gift of a 120 with flashcube followed a few years later with a Polaroid 600 from my Godmother. Me and my camera were and still are inseparable.

My unique eye for and bold use of color in my work is strongly influenced by my African heritage. My passion for capturing the everyday from a unique point of view is represented in much of my work. My unique attention to detail comes from my exposure to and a love for different cultures and people, my art training, and my mixed heritage.

I draw my influence and inspiration from my faith and living life everyday. My ongoing photo a day project records my life and desire to see today. I love to tell stories with my photography. Most of all I am very thankful for being able to share my experiences with others through my gift of photography.

Photo by Uche Photography

Posted on 1/28/08