A-Zal Releases the Playful Music Video of His Latest Single, "Phonebook"

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April 26, 2024 - New York, NY
Contact: a-zal.com

A-Zal, a pop star from America, keeps winning over fans everywhere with his mix of soulful tunes and touching stories. After his first hit "Movie Script" and the title track from his new album "17 & 11 Nights," he's back with a fresh single called "Phonebook." The music video just dropped on YouTube today. In the music video, nostalgia takes center stage as a traditional landline phone becomes the focal point, evoking memories of simpler times when long conversations with loved ones were a cherished pastime. With each dial and each smile exchanged, the video serves as a gentle reminder of the power of meaningful communication, inviting audiences to relive the magic of the past while embracing the present.

The song "Phonebook" is a fun and lively take on modern dating. With its quirky and flirtatious lyrics, the song pulls listeners into a relatable story. A-Zal draws from his own experiences to craft a catchy and heartfelt track, offering his unique perspective on love and relationships. Inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You," A-Zal infuses the song with a groovy vibe, opting for acoustic instruments over synth-based treatments. He recorded percussive guitars to create a dynamic and captivating soundscape that perfectly complements the song's playful energy.

Reflecting on the song's inspiration, A-Zal shares "This is a playfully teasing song about modern dating in 2024! Dating apps and our phones are such a big part of the online dating scene today. I'm sure people would really relate to this song and experience the fun element of online dating."

Born in India and raised in the UK, A-Zal brings a mix of influences to his music, resulting in a fresh and distinctive sound loved by many. He kicked off his journey to fame by collaborating with big names like Marvel Studios, CBS Network, and Netflix, crafting soundtracks for hit series and movies such as "Loki," "Ms. Marvel," and "Resort to Love." A-Zal's debut single, "Movie Script," quickly climbed to Mediabase TOP 40 Activator Charts, confirming his status as a rising star in the music scene.

Posted on 4/26/24