Beatmaker Chaos0911 Looks For Collabs as He Drops Debut Beat Tape "This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1"

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January 10, 2024 - Covington, LA
Contact: Chaos0911 at

Chaos0911 is excited--with many reasons to be! His debut release This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1 is set to drop in February and marks the completion of a goal he set for himself some time ago: to begin collaborations with other artists.

He's got the studio, the talent, and the well-honed ear to create the tracks found throughout his tape. Working from his home studio, Chaos0911 blends his love of Hip-Hop and Pop together to create tracks bursting with great potential for lyricists out there looking for a collab.

"rapper/songwriter/producer looking for people to work with!!"

He's been creating for quite some time but with the official release of a debut full-length, Chaos0911 is ready for the next step of working together with other artists to bring their own songs to life. This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1 doesn't really have a single vibe or sound--it's more of a collection of beats made over a period of time that gives potential collaborators a solid sampling of what Chaos0911 can do.

For more information, visit Sign up on the mailing list and follow Chaos0911 on his social profiles. He's already dropped singles "Breaking Hearts" and "Slide" and the third single "Wicked" will be out soon. Follow Chaos0911 on Spotify to be the first to know when This. Is. Life, Beat Tape Vol. 1 becomes available.

Posted on 1/10/24