"Time To Go" Encourages All Of Us To Keep Moving Forward

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December 8, 2021 - El Paso, TX
Contact: Damian Wyldes, (915)-251-1696

As the world begins to recover from the pandemic and the chaos of 2020, musicians all over the world have used their songs to help people recover spiritually and mentally in the aftermath of Covid. This feeling of picking oneself up and moving forward is one that Damian Wyldes has used as the inspiration for his newest single, “Time To Go.” With its diverse and unique instrumentation, the song draws form many various styles and influences. These styles draw inspiration from bands such as Artic Monkeys , Bishop and even old school bands such as Staind.

According to Damian, “The lyrics of this song come from a very dark place. A place of giving up hope. I’m sure we’ve all been there before.” For many people , loneliness was a very difficult struggle throughout 2020. As Covid had a deep impact on families all across the world, it was no different for artists and musicians. Whether it was through recording or writing lyrics, musicians everywhere had to keep their music coming, regardless of the circumstances.

River Moon Records
River Moon Records

Moving forward from the pandemic while at the same time creating something bigger and better is no easy task when it comes to music making. This was one of the biggest challenges that Damian and his team came across when making this new song. In an interview, Damian said “I wanted to make sure my team and I stepped it up a few notches. I had to step out of the box to get what I heard in my mind,” (Damian Wyldes, interview, 2021) Apart from his previous songs, Damian Wyldes and his band bring the emotions of isolation and resilience to listeners in a way that is new but also original at the same time. From its heavy notes of the electric bass to the melodic riffs of the trumpet and violin, this new song introduces a new sound that makes the listener feel a melancholic sense of deep emotion.

Audiences looking for new music to listen to will be pleased to hear this new track that brings back nostalgia from old school bands while being given a fresh new take on music from Damian Wyldes. “Time To Go,” is available on all music streaming services, and is set to be the first of three singles in a full upcoming album set for release set for 2022.

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Posted on 12/8/21