From Nigeria to Baltimore, Janeliasoul Fuzes Her Wealth of Musical Influence into Each New Single

Channeling her jazz, soul, and Yoruba folk influences, Janeliasoul releases her latest Afrobeat track "How It Started"

Janeliasoul is a performing phenom. She's got vibe, personality, she's overflowing with creativity and fronts a musical project that spans continents, genres, and cultures. Born in Nigeria and now based in Baltimore, she brings together the modernity of R&B/Soul with traditional melodies and rhythms she heard from a young age through Yoruba folk music. Her latest single "How It Started" is a perfect example of how she forges influences and cutting edge trends into impactful music and a powerful live show.

Where you need to start is catching a live song. See it for yourself: watch her performance of "Check Your Soul" at a recent show. Her charisma combined with the performance of a stellar lineup of band member sets it OFF! 

Baby steps are better than a runner's stride
- "How It Started"

Then you can dive into Janeliasoul, the artist. As a lyricist she focuses on the human experience, pulling stories from her own life and the emotional experiences of others--timeless, universal stories relatable to us all. Evidence of the connection she has with her fans and new listeners is apparent in the response she's received: tens of thousands of streams on Spotify & YouTube, thousands of followers across all social platforms, and her video for "Love-Hate" has garnered 1.1 million views to date.

Janeliasoul's Got Jewelry, Too!
Janeliasoul's Got Jewelry, Too!

Beyond her music, Janeliasoul's art extends into material items. Her online store at features an assortment of jewelry, clothing, and an array of Waist Beads. She's even created a video blog to chronicle her entire product line, behind-the-scenes vlogs from her video shoots, and more.

Even as I wrap up this article, while her YouTube Channel plays in the background, I'm struck by her stunning cover of Adele's "Hello." It goes without saying (but I'll write it anyway) that you need to spend some time checking out Janeliasoul's entire presence: her original music, covers, product-line, and upcoming shows. You can connect with Janeliasoul at or direct any communication to Femi Sanya at info[at]

Posted on 4/25/24