Online Fundraiser Started to Help Drummer J.J. Johnson Offset Medical Bills

J.J. Johnson was recently taken to the hospital and his stay there accumulated a $15,000 medical bill. Without health insurance, J.J. could use your help in paying for these expenses.

There will be a benefit show for J.J. Johnson at The Elephant Room on Sunday, June 9, 2012. There is also a website where you can contribute funds. From that site, (no longer active):

The story...

JJ was on his way to a recording session and starting feeling dizzy. When he arrived at the studio, the producer was concerned and told him he didn’t look well and should probably see a doctor. JJ tried to carry on but it was clear that things were not right, so he left the session and went to a health clinic who took his heart rate which turned out to be 128BPM (!). They also noticed an irregular heartbeat, and immediately called an ambulance to take him directly to the emergency room. JJ spent two days in the hospital, and the doctors and nurses eventually got his heart rate down. For now, JJ is doing better although he does have to monitor the situation very closely.

Please Contribute Online
at Help J.J. (no longer active)

Unfortunately, JJ is in the same boat as many hard-working people today who simply cannot afford decent health insurance. As a result, without insurance, the two-day bill for JJ came to a whopping $15K and that is a significant amount that he needs your help with.

JJ may qualify for some relief through an agency dedicated to helping the uninsured, but it won’t be nearly enough. All monies collected here will go directly to JJ to help offset the cost of his hospital stay and anything over and above what it cost JJ to pay his bills will be donated to that organization in order to help others in a similar situation.

Posted on 6/8/12