Songwriter Mike Bridges Looking to Connect with Artists to Record His Songs

Mike writes Country and Rock songs and he'd like YOU to record one of 'em.

Mike Bridges doesn't perform. For a myriad of reasons, he's just never really been the guy who's going to sit on a stool on a stage and sing to you one of the many stories he's written over the years. But that doesn't mean he doesn't want his songs out there

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for info about recording one of his original songs.

Having spent his life living in Alabama and most recently Georgia, he's taken in a lot. He's pulled inspiration from the people he's met, communities he's been a part of, family, friends, and the goings-on in his neck of the woods across the South. All the while, Mike has put pen to paper capturing the stories and characters he's met along the way. Today, at this point in his life, Bridges is taking the steps to get his songs out onto albums, over the airwaves, and on streaming services. But to do this, he needs artists to record his music. He's well on his way, as far as getting the legwork done.

A few years ago he joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International. He joined ASCAP and got involved with the Global Songwriters Connection. And he teamed up with a singer from Lubbock, Texas who now resides in Nashville, hired a guitarist, and began to get his songs recorded. You can hear a his originals on his website He's also been beating the pavement in the publishing world. He's had a dozen or so songs already picked up by publishers and even signed a 1-year deal with Washington Street Publishing.

Bridges on a Bridge
Bridges on a Bridge

The ultimate goal for Mike is to work and partner with recording artists to put out more original material. For his part, he's putting songs out there. For recording artists looking for the right material, there's a treasure trove of Country and Rock songs to check out. And when the right one comes along, Mike shares, "if an artist likes one of my songs and wants to record it, we can form a partnership and share in whatever may come of it."

He's got the publishing side of the business covered, for the most part. But in 2024 Bridges wants to extend his efforts to working with artists--pursuing his personal goals from as many angles as possible. So if you're an artist in need of another song (or a few more songs) for that next album, reach out to Mike Bridges at Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some of his songs on Coyote Music's social platforms. You can always check those out at our own Mike Bridges hub:

Posted on 1/11/24