Sonya Jevette & Adrian Conner "Goon" Video World Premieres on April 15th

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Unfortunately "Goon" is becoming more relevant every single day. 

This week nationwide anger, frustration, and sadness have continued to mount on the heels of the unnecessarily violent traffic stop of Army office Caron Nazario and the senseless killing of Daunte Wright, which occurred just 20 miles from the Derek Chauvin trial. All the while, much of the country wonders why a trial is even so involved for what we all witnessed over a period of minutes: the needless killing of a completely defenseless George Floyd, who'd already been rendered completely unconscious.

Sonya & Adrian
Sonya & Adrian

Sonya Jevette and Adrian Conner united their songwriting forces to write and record "Goon" earlier this year, but inspired by the emotions that continue to compound almost day in our news and social media feeds.

On Thursday, April 15th, Coyote Music couldn't be more proud to World Premiere the "Goon" video. It's grass roots. It's visceral and from the heart. This song and video are what you get when two musicians ask themselves, "What can we do?" With limited resources and collaboration limited during the pandemic, the duo have created this work of musical and visual art to express themselves.

Sonya is a blues/folk influenced singer-songwriter and Adrian a guitar maven known best for her portrayal of Angus Young in Hell's Belles, the renowned all-female AC/DC tribute band. And while their musical paths have been quite different to date, they could not be more clearly focused on the topic at hand.

For folks that
disagree with me
I just don’t have the energy
To let you be you
And me be me
Cause when you are you
You threaten me

Sonya offers perspective on where we're at today. "Women's rights are only 100 years old, and we still have a long way to go before you can say there's 'equality'." Simply put, "We have to learn to treat each other better or we'll turn into chaos. As a society we have got to protect women, people of color. We all have to protect each other. It just doesn't make sense to not treat each other kindly."

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Posted on 4/13/21