Top 10 of May 2014

The Top 10 most visited pages on in May 2014!

1. An Interview with Croatian Bassist, Luka Veselinovic - We found Luka and really loved his story, progressing from Croatian alt rock to studying at Berklee and back to his home country.

2. "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)" - Ben Rue seems to have a hit on his hands...and this lyric video is where it all began.

3. Scorpio Rising at Parish Underground in Austin, TX (5/31/14) - Scorpio Rising, along with Mr. GlitterMan and Bonus Junk, teamed up for a fundraiser for Julianne Ruth, the victim of a brutal assault.

4. "Tramp Stamp" by HER - This video is fun. HER had a video production company "tattoo" the lyrics of the song onto lead singer Monique's lower back...ya know, like a tramp stamp.

5. HER at The Basement in Nashville, TN (5/12/14) - HER brought it's trash-country-meets-southern-rock flair to Nashville's legendary Basement.

6. Scorpio Rising at Pecan Street Festival in Austin, TX (5/4/13) - Last year's date made our Top 10 but this year's didn't???

7. "Persistence" by Mr. P Chill - We reviewed Mr. P Chill's brand new release, a blue collar, old school Hip-Hop record that deals with real life. No limos, misogyny, or posing goin' on here.

8. The Unswept - Chicago's The Unswept continue their run in our Top 10.

9. "Sloe Gin" by Amanda Shires - Like The Unswept, Amanda Isbell's 2012 video continues attract folks' attention.

10. "Touch" by Josh Abbott Band - JAB's military tribute, of sorts, addresses the hardships facing military couples.

Posted on 6/2/14