666Drown (Single)

by Slumberwell

Track listing: Drown

Pensacola-based Slumberwell falls somewhere between Alt, Hip-Hop, and Pop--a bit of Biebs' feel, maybe some Sir Sly and definitely a stylistic nod to Post Malone. At least that's where Slumberwell's latest single "666Drown" would fit into your playlists.

You watch me drown
I can't recover
You let me down
Found another
I'm lost in doubt
Still I wonder
How will I keep my head
from going under?

Crystal clear production, tight sound, with a slightly vocordered vocal melody that honestly bounces pretty well, "666Drown" is set to drop on all major streaming services on July 28. 

It will be the latest addition to a string of singles that have met with varying responses on Spotify, "detach" garnering over 26K streams at last count.

Lyrically, Slumberwell covers some pretty common but deep-cutting topics of loneliness, drug use and relationships not working out. I wish you'd call me: a feeling we've all had at one time or another, right? And from "Maybelline": Used to make up dreams of having children of our own, girl. Used to pick up homies on the street when they was homeless, what started as a dream has now turned into something hopeless. Hope is where the heart is, I guess I've always been hopeless.

Serious, harsh, honest, and difficult. But that's why we listen to music, right? Sometimes just to chill out, sometimes to ramp-up for a night out. But also to work through some of life's harder shit to confront. "666Drown" takes us there. 

Keep an eye on Slumberwell's Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for "666Drown" on July 28, along with his singles to follow.

Posted on 7/8/23