Alive (Single)

by Nana Bangz

Track listing: Alive

Dallas, Texas has a legit Rap/Hip-Hop scene and one of the latest starlets to emerge from it is the appropriately named NaNa Bangz. Cut from a similarly rough cloth as the likes of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Nana Bangz has some shit to say...bluntly and unapologetically.

Elon Can't Handle NaNa Bangz
Elon Can't Handle NaNa Bangz

Her vocal assault is impressive--a quick-draw delivery that pops and spits without remorse. Hell, looking through her social media accounts, it appears that Elon must have gotten offended and suspended her account. God forbid a strong-willed black female speak truthfully from her heart and soul. Twitter may be 'X' now but NaNa hits the mic with XX and XXX attitude.

But getting to the single at-hand, NaNa's latest is called "Alive." Samples from Seals & Crofts' "Summer Breeze," some menacing minor string chords, and a killer mid-tempo backbeat come together to set the scene for Bangz to work her magic. 

She comes fast and hard, startling with some of her lyrics for the older set who still associate lyrically free rap lyrics with Luther Campbell and males in general. Nana asserts herself, puts her flow on full display, and weaves an intricate web of rhymes and shock-content, pulling it altogether for an impressive single. She can stick and move with the best of them. Keep an eye out for Nana Bangz and all the living she's got goin' on at

Posted on 3/19/24